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Albert Haynesworth Starts Lamest Beef Ever With Brandon Jacobs

When the Giants open the season against the Redskins on Sunday, they’ll be relying heavily on their running game. The Redskins know this, and the Giants know they know it, and therefore fully expect Washington to stack the box to make them pass the ball. But $100 million man Albert Haynesworth has another plan to stop the Giants' ground game: Get into the head of Brandon Jacobs in the lamest way possible.

Haynesworth attempted to talk some smack yesterday by poking fun at Jacobs’s size — namely by saying that the big running back was too small. Said Haynesworth: “They all fall the same. What is he, 250? I was 250 in the 10th grade.” Hear that, kids? To succeed in the pros, the 350-pound Haynesworth thinks you should be fatter — don’t eat your veggies! Jacobs responded — which is kind of funny in and of itself — that he was 242 pounds in the eighth grade, and is now listed at 264, adding that he piled on the pounds while running the ball. But if we may read between the lines a bit, what Jacobs is really saying is this: "Can we just play a football game that counts already?”

Albert Haynesworth kicks off smack talk by ripping Brandon Jacobs [NYDN]

Photo: Getty Images