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Eddy Curry Is Still Around

At one point, Eddy Curry possessed the ability to jump.

Most of the NBA media days have been this week, and as usually, they're a yearly reminder not only that basketball is finally just back around the corner, but also that professional basketball players take the goofiest pictures. (The only new wrinkle this year: Every media day had some sort of Twitter subplot.) The Knicks' media day was yesterday, and it was a reminder that, sigh, Eddy Curry, alas, is still around. Though there's a little less of him.

In fact, most of the focus of the Knicks' media day was that very point: "Hey, Eddy Curry, you're still here, and the fact that you're still here is the leading indicator of the general futility of the franchise." That has to be depressing, even if you're making nearly $22 million over the next two seasons.

The job of media day is to have everyone healthy, rested, and in a good state of mind. No one ever says, "I'm sick of this shit" on the first day. Curry was no different.

"My life is still a work in progress. But it's nothing like it was. I'm happy right now. ... Off-the-court stuff, people don't really understand how much that affects you. I didn't really even understand how much it affected me until I started to get past that and just really did some soul searching."

Curry did, of course, have a wretched off-court 2008-09 season, with the murder of an ex-girlfriend, serious financial trouble, and a sexual-harassment lawsuit filed against him by his former driver. (To remind: That's the "Come and touch it, Dave" lawsuit.) But now he's back, with a "clearer head," which is important for him personally, and we're happy for him, we suppose. And he's 40 pounds lighter, which sounds impressive until you realize he's still far over 300.

And don't worry: Even on media day, you can't pretend there's not something wrong with Eddy Curry.

Curry is not in basketball shape — he tweaked a hamstring and a calf during informal scrimmages earlier this month.

And thus, how it begins. Don't feel too bad for Curry or the Knicks. They're cheering for him to finally get his career and life together ... but just so they can ship him the hell out of town. It's difficult to root for a puppy to heal from its wounds just so you can shoot it.

Photo: Getty Images