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Jeff Francoeur is sad. And from Georgia!

wake me up when september ends

The Mets Are Now Mathematically Finished, Too

With such a busy sports day yesterday, it would be easy to overlook that the Phillies' win last night over the Mets — on the arm of the suddenly unbeatable Pedro Martinez — officially eliminated the Amazins from playoff contention. This is just a formality, of course; no one needed math to see that the Mets haven't had a chance for months now. With one more loss, they'll finish under .500 for the first time since Art Howe's squad did so in 2004. Really, Mets fans would have been forgiven last night for switching from ESPN's broadcast to football, or tennis, or just about anything else.

But loyal/masochistic Mets fans who insist on watching them play out the string for the next three weeks at least have this to look forward to: The announcing team of Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling are apparently on a quest to work the name of all 50 states — one per night — into an SNY broadcast, culminating with Ron Darling's native Hawaii at season's end. We'd point out that it's a sign a team's season is lost when its announcers have taken to naming states like they're on a boring car ride, except that we find this kind of fun. Sad, sure, but fun.

Photo: Getty Images