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week in review

Week in Review: The Long Fall Begins

The calendar turned to autumn this week, and what a week it was for the local sporting franchises. The Giants won in Dallas because they're not distracted by cage dancers, and the Jets beat the Pats because they're just flat-out badass. The Yankees clinched a playoff spot and could look ahead to the ALDS. The Knicks saw to it that their team had real-live players. And even some Mets fans stayed optimistic — perhaps because Jason Marquis might be on his way here, for some reason.

In other news, Bobby Cox is going away, but Bobby Valentine is coming back (to this country, at least). John Sterling sought glass-shattering perfection, while Mike and the Mad Dog reunited, sort of, for one day only.

Plaxico, we'll see you again in two years. Everyone else, we'll see you next week.

Photo: Getty Images