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un cuadrangular en sabor

Would You Eat a Dish Called the ‘Julio Lugo’?

A sampling from the menu.

We're pretty sure we wouldn't, but if you happen to find yourself at Montás Restaurant at 54-55 Myrtle Avenue in Ridgewood, Queens, you can choose to do so. More than 30 dishes there are named after current and former players, managers, coaches, and executives, ranging from the "Mariano Rivera" (sopa de camarones) and "Carlos Beltran" (sancocho) to the "Julian Tavarez" (pollo guisado) and the aforementioned "Julio Lugo" (churrasco).

The restaurant — whose slogan is "Un cuadrangular en sabor" — is decked out with baseball memorabilia, and we're told it's manager Miguel Montás who appears alongside each player in the picture that accompanies his dish on the takeout menu. If you're considering a trip for dinner, may we suggest the "Miguel Tejada" (injected with flavor!) or perhaps the "Omar Minaya," which we imagine won't be on the menu all that much longer.

Photo: Montás Restaurant