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Yanks Walk Off Again As Kyle Farnsworth Pulls a Farnsworth

Run for your life!

The Yankees notched their fifteenth — and probably least surprising — walk-off of the year last night, when the bullpen door swung open and the immortal Kyle Farnsworth entered the game in the ninth instead of closer Joakim Soria, who was unavailable. What happened after that was more or less a formality.

The Yankees' B-team rallied in the ninth thanks to, in no particular order, three hits, a sac fly, an intentional walk, a stolen base, and a throwing error. If memory serves, that's how most of the Farns's innings in New York went, too. Other than a couple of guys battling for a spot on the playoff roster, the game didn't mean very much, but that didn't stop the entire team from chasing Juan Miranda into the outfield after he got the game-winning hit off of Farnsworth. (We mean this literally: His infield single hit Farnsworth and bounced into foul territory as the winning run scored.)

A.J. Burnett didn't pass up perhaps his last opportunity in the regular season to nail someone with a pie, but more important, he turned in another good performance: one earned run over six and a third innings. He said after the game that he'll continue his tradition of pastry-throwing should the Yanks walk off during the playoffs. Here's hoping he continues to pitch well, too.

Photo: Getty Images