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Michael Strahan’s Television Show ... the Marketing Push!

You're sitting at your desk today, and you've watched the rerun of The Jay Leno Show 33 times, to the point that you can now shout Jay's bons mots of wisdom back at him. It's a slow Tuesday. What to do with yourself? You have an hour and a half: Get thee to East Rutherford! There's sitcom-football cross-promotion happening!

At 3 p.m. today, former Giants sack king — trademarked for posterization! — Michael Strahan will be appearing at the Timex Performance Center (otherwise known as "Where the Giants Practice") to promote his new Fox sitcom, Brothers. There appears to be some sort of obstacle course.

If you think you can channel your inner Strahan and have the speed and skills to complete the course in the shortest team, be one of the first 75 teams to sign up and compete. The lucky (and fastest!) pair of "brothers" will intercept this "Hail Mary" of a prize.

(Sorry, sign-up is already over. But you can still watch other people run around!)

In case you haven't been watching Fox for a while, Strahan is the star of his own sitcom, in which he plays a retired football player who invested poorly and has to return home and live with his wacky family. Strahan has always been a charming enough guy, but if they were going to choose a part of his life to make a TV show about, we wish it would have been the part where an ex-wife accuses him of having sex with men. Alas! That would have been a different show.

Probably a better one, too. The early reviews of Brothers have that hey, they meant well, but this show is toast feel to them. A highlight: "However, what is intended to be a heartfelt sitcom that deals with serious issues, like physical and mental handicaps, falls flat and becomes nothing more than a half-hour comedy filled with weak jokes about Strahan's gap and "Chill" Mitchell's paraplegia (and their father's possible dementia)." Plus, it's a Friday-night sitcom on Fox, which rarely bodes well.

We wish Strahan luck, though, and will at least take solace in knowing it will be more watchable, for two weeks anyway, than Frank TV.

Photo: Getty Images