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week in review

A Lost Week, So Far

A week that began with the Giants getting trounced in New Orleans and Mark Sanchez throwing away a game to the Bills wasn't destined to go well. The Yankees faced adversity for the first time in months, thanks to Joe Girardi and his stupid pitching binder. Then things returned to normal (except for the umpiring, which is still terrible). But then things went to hell again, and the Phillies won't know who they'll play in the World Series until this weekend. Just keep telling yourself: It's not 2004, it's not 2004.

There were some winners, at least: Larry Hughes made a shot! The Wilpons made a fortune! Joe Buck made sense! And Mikhail Prokhorov made us realize how amazing the Mikhail Prokhorov era in Brooklyn is going to be!

We'll be back after the Yankees game (or games... jeez, we hope it's not games) this weekend. Otherwise, see you on Monday.

Photo: Getty Images