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mann up and play

Eli Plans to Play Through the Pain

And ... exhale. The results of Eli Manning's MRI results are in, and the foot injury that took him out of Sunday's game doesn't appear to be very serious. Manning has an injury to the plantar fascia, and though the News describes this as "a painful injury that could take months to fully heal," Eli said his goal is to be back at practice tomorrow.

Playing through pain is nothing new for Manning, because we now also know that he's been taking snaps for weeks despite plantar fasciitis (an injury similar to his current one), which the Giants hadn't disclosed. Manning's listed as "day to day," but he's been told by Giants team physician Doctor Russ Warren that he can't make the injury worse by playing through it. And since the foot was no more swollen or sore than it was on Sunday, Eli says his "gut feeling" is that he'll start Sunday. Though, sadly, this would deprive the world of the much-anticipated Battle of the First-Overall-Pick Busts between JaMarcus Russell and David Carr.

Photo: Getty Images