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that was commitment to excellence?

Giants Crush Raiders, to Play NFL-Level Competition Starting Next Week

It's almost certain at this point that the Giants are a great football team. They're 5–0, after all, and haven't been in any danger of losing a game since week two. Then again, it's hard to judge exactly how good they are, because their last three games have been against what appear to be teams that didn't make the cut for the UFL.

Not to take anything away from yesterday's dominating 44–7 win — Eli Manning was particularly sharp (and got to rest his foot during the second half) and Ahmad Bradshaw was awesome — but the Raiders, like the Bucs and the Chiefs, are just terrible. You know the playing field isn't even when, in week five, after you score your fourth touchdown of the half, the opposition scores its fourth of the season.

All of that changes next week. Starting with a game in the Superdome that'll determine, at the very least, which NFC team is highest on all of those weekly power-ranking polls, the Giants face the second-toughest schedule in the NFL. As of next week, quarterbacks won't lose the ball quite as easily as JaMarcus Russell did yesterday. That perfect 30-yard touchdown pass to Mario Manningham will probably be better defended. And Sinorice Moss botching a punt return might cost them a game, and not just a shutout. For now, though, soak in the 44–7 win. It'll probably be the last one that decisive for a while.

Photo: Getty Images