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This photo is from a while ago, but it COULD be from last night. Because they look sad.

the inability to hit the broad side of a barn

Hey, the Knicks Are Being Booed Already

The Knicks played their first preseason game at the Garden last night — their first two games were in Albany and Boston — and, well, it wasn't exactly ideal. That is to say: By the end of the game, Madison Square Garden fans were booing. In a preseason game. Against the 76ers. On a Tuesday.

We're on record as saying that even when the Knicks lose, they're entertaining. This was not the case last evening. They lost to Philadelphia 93–85, but they just looked wretched doing it. The theoretically exciting Mike D'Antoni offense had a total of twelve assists, but the greater problem was the shooting. The Knicks — and we hope you're sitting down — went 7 for 41 from the three-point line last night. That's not good. We particularly love how the Daily News classifies Larry Hughes's struggles: "Larry Hughes, an early candidate for a midseason buyout, missed all eight of his shots, and the crowd groaned with each attempt." See, when you're a candidate for a midseason buyout — basically, the ultimate eff-you Just Go Away Please an NBA team can tell a player — before the season even starts, well, let's just say we wouldn't recommend investing in a Larry Hughes jersey.

The Knicks are cool with the boos because they're the Knicks, they're used to it.

"We didn't play well and they have the right to boo," Jared Jeffries said. "But I know this, once we start winning they'll be cheering for us."

Esteemed Knicks blog Posting and Toasting was at the game and pleads for caution, lest we burn the Knicks at the stake before we even have the opportunity to write them off, calling the loss "preseason noise," while admitting "It's no fun to get all grumpy in mid-October." Sure it is! That's what being a Knicks fan is all about, right?

The next preseason game is Friday against the Nets. Let's see if Hughes can avoid being bought out by then.

Photo: Getty Images