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This Is the Last Post We’re Going to Be Writing About Eddy Curry

We should probably try to appreciate Eddy Curry while we can. He stands alone (all 752-pounds worth) as the last remnant of the Isiah Thomas bloodbath, a monument to slack-jawed incompetence. (Well, Curry, and that first-round draft pick that the Jazz will be taking in place of the Knicks next June.) Amazingly, the Knicks will be paying Curry $11,276,863 next season, which is of note because they've told him not to show up this season.

On the first day of training camp, Curry hurt his foot. (This was right after talking about how this year was going to be different.) It was only supposed to take him three days to come back, but he hasn't been on the court since. Now the Knicks — who desperately, desperately would like to find a team to trade Curry to — have asked him to stay away until he loses some weight. Well, a lot of weight.

According to a source, Curry has lost weight, but the feeling is that he will have to get down to between 305 and 310 pounds before he can rejoin the team. Curry, 26, is the Knicks' second highest-paid player this season, earning $10.5 million.

The Knicks could conceivably pick a fight with the Players Association to void the last year of Curry's contract. However, it is doubtful that the Knicks would explore that option for several reasons. For one, Walsh believes Curry can salvage his career. Plus, the Knicks probably don't want to pick a fight with Curry's agent, Leon Rose, who also happens to represent LeBron James.

Oh, and he forgot to bring sneakers to a summer workout. He's the best.

Considering Curry had all summer to work his way down to a reasonable size and couldn't do it, it's highly unlikely he will do so now — which makes us think that this is the last time we'll need to talk about Eddy Curry for quite some time, maybe ever. That makes us sad in a way we can't put our finger on. Touch it, Dave.

Photo: Getty Images