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to the coliseum!

Come Watch a Team Try to Murder Its Coach

Christians vs. lions tonight.

You can get one seat in the Mezzanine Center, Section 421, at Madison Square Garden this evening for $7.75, plus the StubHub processing fee. The Warriors must be in town.

The Knicks might be a horrible team right now, but they're not dysfunctional; not yet.The Knicks seem to like coach Mike D'Antoni, even if they're incapable or unwilling to play for him. Everyone on the Warriors wants to kill their coach, and each other. Mostly just their coach, though.

Don Nelson was pulling off the biggest upset in playoff history a few years ago. Now? Now his player's agents are calling him racist.

"No one trusts Don Nelson," [Stephen Jackson agent Mark] Stevens said. "When Nelson was in Milwaukee, Wayne Embry trusted him and brought him in, and he betrayed Embry. In Dallas, Mark Cuban took damn good care of him and his son [Donnie Nelson Jr.], and he betrayed Cuban. In Golden State, Chris Mullin hired him and trusted him and Nelson backstabbed him by reaching out to president Robert Rowell and blaming Mullin for everything that was going wrong with the Warriors."

Stevens was referring to claims by Embry, the first African-American general manager in professional sports, that Nelson made a racist remark after Embry gave him his first coaching position with the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1970s. Nelson vehemently denied making the remark.

Meanwhile, fellow Warrior Monta Ellis had a screaming exchange with Nelson yesterday. Poor Stephen Curry, who could have been a Knick, has to have this team as his introduction to the league. Don Nelson is only 23 wins away from becoming the all-time NBA-wins leader, and someone's going to strangle him before he gets there.

That could happen tonight, at the Garden. Take your entertainments where you can get them this season. After all, we're just talking about $7.75.

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