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If You See Someone Wearing This, Beat Them (Unless They’re Jon Stewart)

By now, you might have heard about the specially made Bernie Madoff warm-up jacket, the one the Mets gave him for being so darned awesome. We're pegging the timeframe at about 1987, give or take a year. We'd recognize that special kind of jacket gloss anywhere.

The auction is this Saturday, at the Sheraton Hotel at 10 a.m. No, this isn't the only item of Madoff's they're auctioning off ... but it's kind of the only one that matters, isn't it?

It's a shame that this item has been so publicized already — sorry! — because that assures it won't go cheap: Someone will show up and overbid for it, which means they'll probably store it in a display somewhere and never touch it. This deserves to be worn by the die-hards, the upper-deckers. This needs to be worn by Mr. Met. It says so much.

Can't Jon Stewart hop in and buy this? He's the only rich person we'd trust with it.

Photo: Gaston And Sheehan