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LeBron James Is No Longer Fielding Questions About Next Summer

It's entirely possible that trying to interpret every minor hint of LeBron James's intentions for the summer of 2010 has left you burned out. (Especially since every ugly loss is another reason for him to sign anywhere but New York.) But at least one person has definitely heard enough about it: LeBron himself.

Until now, LeBron has played along, answering any and all questions about 2010, if not really answering them. But after last night's win over Orlando, he said he had had enough. From the Times:

"You know, this free-agent talk is getting old,'' he said testily, adding, "I think tonight will probably be the last time I answer any more free-agent questions until the off-season.''

Luckily, LeBron's fellow free agents are still willing to talk and provide basketball fans everywhere with quotes that can be dissected and misinterpreted until July 1 finally arrives. So Dwyane Wade's remarks that he and LeBron have discussed playing together should keep everyone busy for the next couple of days (even if just to consider a plan B). Of course, this doesn't really have anything to do with the Knicks. But who knows, maybe it does.

Photo: Getty Images