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hot stove

Your Daily Update on Matt Holliday–to–New York Buzz

As with pretty much all off-season baseball news items, everything in this post should be prefaced with the phrase "for what it's worth," because what's true now won't be true a month from now, or even a week from now. (Plus, any item that's "true" now could very well be designed to manipulate agents and press alike.) But until Scott Boras and Matt Holliday decide once and for all whose bags of money they're going to accept, it's all we've got. The most recent update comes from Buster Olney, who tweets that the Yankees aren't interested in Holliday, and that corner outfield isn't a priority for them. Of course, the Yankees are never out of the bidding for anyone, and left field would seem to be one of their bigger concerns for 2010, but like we said, for what it's worth.

Jon Paul Morosi at believes it'll come down to the Yankees, Red Sox, and Angels (though the Angels appear to be out of the running, too). And lest we forget that last week Jon Heyman reported that Omar Minaya is "extremely interested" in Holliday, but that there were some issues that could keep it from happening — most notably that the call might not entirely be Minaya's to make. Needless to say, we'll be bookmarking this page.

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