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In Case You Haven’t Checked In on the Nets Lately …

If you haven't thought about the Nets since they broke the NBA record for most losses to begin a season, boy, have you totally not missed a thing. They've been just as awful since then.

The Knicks head to East Rutherford tonight, and the Nets are a toxic incident. They're sporting a 2–29 record, something that would be hard to do even if you were trying. They're not entirely untalented, and Brook Lopez is a potential star who is just trying to remain sane, but let's be clear: Right now, the Nets look like one of the worst teams in NBA history. If you're ever bored, we recommend heading to the official team website, just to see what desperate measures they're going to in order to sell tickets. (This Saturday: a Trey Songz concert.)

Soon, the Mikhail Prokhorov Experience will take over this team, and it will move to Brooklyn, and all hell will break loose. The Nets will be a terror then, not always in a good way, but a spectacle that must be dealt with. For now, they're 2–29 and playing in front of about 35 people, not counting the mascot. We'll laugh about this someday. Really, we will.

Photo: Getty Images