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Jets Take Full Advantage of Bucs’ Awfulness

We are all excited — or at least relieved — by the Jets' 26–3 stomping of the Buccaneers yesterday, though describing that game as aesthetically abhorrent is probably being a little too kind. The win kept the Jets in the playoff picture — which we'll get into a little later today — and allowed Mark Sanchez to take a day off without a real downside. Let's try to keep perspective, however: These Buccaneers are truly, impressively terrible.

For the sake of discussion, let's take a look at those with the misfortune of following the Bucs every weekend.

The Tampa Tribune:

That's not to say Friday's [apparently historically awful practice] doesn't matter. History shows it does. There was Napoleon's awful Friday practice before Waterloo. We hear Custer tore the 7th Cavalry up one side and down the other at the walk-through for Little Big Horn. And, of course, there was Friday practice at Ford's Theater. "How many times I got to tell you, Pinkerton — you look at the president's box from the inside."

Buc 'Em:

But the Bucs offense was so putrid, it was only a matter of time before the defense caved from all the pressure put on them. The Bucs finished with 124 total yards, 43 of which were rushing. Not exactly something Greg Olsen can be blamed for with play calling. It did not matter which plays were called, the result was the same as the 2009 season; Failure.

Buccaneers Gab:

Abandon ship!

From our perspective, we don't think we've seen an offense quite as bad as the Buccaneers' yesterday in at least a decade ... and we've watched a lot of the Arizona Cardinals in that time. The Jets' defense is good, and a win is nice, but they beat the Washington Generals yesterday.

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