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Joe Girardi Clearly Isn’t Too Busy These Days

So the Jets are trying to figure out how to teach Mark Sanchez to slide, which strikes us as strange in the first place. Mark Sanchez is a world-class athlete, and he doesn't know how to slide? We knew how to slide when we were 7. They teach you this in Little League. It is not calculus.

Anyway, Jets coach Rex Ryan is trying to teach Sanchez how to slide, so he calls the Yankees and is all, "Hey, Yankees, you guys do the baseball. Can you teach my quarterback how to slide, like how you do it with the bases?" Yankees president Randy Levine takes the call and says not only are the Yankees happy to help, they're sending over ... the manager. Joe Girardi just hopped in a car and sped over.

"I told Schotty [offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer], 'I'm going over your head. We're bringing in a world champ to get this done,'" Ryan said jokingly. "[Sanchez] is too valuable, and he needs to understand that we need him out there and people are going to take shots at him if he doesn't start sliding.

"I really did want to make an emphasis to Mark and get the best guy that we can in the area. I made a call to the Yankees, and I was really happy that Girardi came over and did that for us."

This is all fine and good, and we do hope this helps Sanchez to stop sliding headfirst — which is a very, very bad idea in the football — but seriously, Joe Girardi needs a hobby or something.