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stomp on the devil

Mike D’Antoni Provides Knicks Quote of the Year

The Knicks have now lost two games in a row, two games that they should have won, two games that they were leading late. The losses themselves — capped with a 98–89 loss to the Bulls last night — have been bad, but that they come on the heels of a four-game winning streak, one that got some idiots talking about playoffs, is particularly frustrating. Coach Mike D'Antoni is clearly struggling with it.

Last night, before the game, when D'Antoni was asked whether his consistent benching of Nate Robinson was because of a personal conflict, he uncorked a serious gem:

"They think it's always personal. I don't know a coach yet that says, you know what, I don't like him [and] I'd rather lose. That doesn't work. I'd play Satan himself if I could win. I got no morals or scruples."

D'Antoni emphasized that he personally liked Robinson, and then he sacrificed a goat.

Photo: Getty Images