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Omar Minaya Would Like Signing a Left-Fielder to Be As Easy As Possible

We'll preface the following Omar Minaya quote by saying that we're pretty sure we know what he means, and you probably will, too. That said, Minaya was the guest speaker at the ninth annual "21 Days of Clemente" event last week, and revealed that the Mets have an interest in Matt Holliday, even though they've been pursuing Jason Bay for weeks. So why go after Bay instead of Holliday? Said Minaya to NY Sports Day: "It seems to be easier to make a deal for Jason Bay." Oh.

Now, we assume by "easier," he means, "cheaper," which isn't really a secret. Holliday will command more money and probably more years than Bay, and the Mets have more to worry about than just adding a corner outfielder. (See: "pitching" and "catching.") But something about that quote just sounds wrong. Perhaps it's this: If Minaya considers the Mets' prolonged courtship of Bay, which has been going on for weeks, the easier of the two options, we can only imagine what convincing Holliday to come here would entail.

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Photo: Getty Images