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Everybody Band Together to Cheer Against Brett Favre, Okay?

If the Jets win Sunday afternoon, you're going to be doing backflips across your living room. If they don't, the day is not lost! You'll have the opportunity, directly afterward, to scream at your television every time FOX shows Brett Favre. Which will be often, obviously.

Jets fans will, of course, remember Favre's collapse down the stretch last season, costing the team a playoff spot, which was bad, and leading to the firing of Eric Mangini, which was so, so good. Favre's attitude toward the Jets has been one of vague dismissal, as if his year in the other green was an odd blip, a historical anomaly to be hidden somewhere dark and damp. Jets fans probably feel the same way, for entirely different reasons.

Anyway, the Favre fellatio should be in full force during the Minnesota-New Orleans game Sunday, and that it will only get 45,000 times worse if the Vikings make the Super Bowl is the most compelling reason we can imagine to procure a Saints tattoo immediately.

If the Vikings make the Super Bowl and the Jets don't, we highly recommend you forget football exists, at least until it's time to start thinking about the draft.

Photo: Elsa/Getty Images