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week in review

The Week the Jets Beat the Bengals

Yes, we're aware that the Jets won their playoff game on Saturday, which was technically last week. But we assume that you, like us, consider your week over when The Sports Section "Week in Review" post goes up on Friday, not when your so-called calendar tells you it is. So there. What else happened over the past seven days?

The Knicks finally lost a game.
Governor Paterson got behind MMA.
Mark McGwire talked about the past.
Eddy Curry got spooked.
Chris Drury got snubbed.
Guys named Brodeur reigned supreme.
Carlos Beltran had rogue knee surgery.
Baseball players got younger, sort of.
We watched five hours of college hoops at the Garden.
And we worked ourselves into a frenzy over the Jets-Chargers game.

We'll be back after the game ends Sunday, then return on Tuesday for more shenanigans.

Photo: Getty Images