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And Now a Few Words About Javier Vazquez From Curt Schilling

Curt Schilling spoke with Colin Cowherd yesterday — what you're about to read is based on media reports of this interview, because there are few things we'd rather do less than listen to Curt Schilling speak with Colin Cowherd — and the former Red Sox pitcher had a few things to say about the struggling Javier Vazquez, whom he calls "a phenomenal National League pitcher."

Via the Daily News:

"I never, ever thought the move to New York the first time was a good one, and I didn't think this (move) was good as well. I don't think he suddenly learned how to pitch when he went back to Atlanta and dealt last year. It's hard to say this without sounding disrespectful, and I don't mean it that way - the National League is an easier league to pitch in, period, and some guys aren't equipped to get those same outs in the American League. And he's one of those guys."

And also this:

"(Vazquez) thrived in Montreal and he thrived in Atlanta, and those are both second-tier cities from a baseball passion perspective. He's not a guy that I've ever felt was comfortable in the glow."

And finally this:

"You're seeing what you're gonna get from him consistently all year. Having said that, he could turn around next week and throw a one-hitter with his stuff. I just don't see him being a consistent winner in the American League."

This presents a problem for Yankees fans, many of whom have been conditioned to instinctually disagree with everything that comes out of Schilling's mouth, and many of whom likely agree with a lot of what he said here. (At the very least, many of them fear that he's right. We're in this latter group, and getting more and more scared with every start.)

Really, what a way to cap the first month of the Second Javier Vazquez Era. Not only does he have half the Yankees' losses so far, he's put us in the position of kind of agreeing with Curt Schilling — a guy, we'll remind you, who benefited quite a bit from the First Javier Vazquez Era. At least things can only get better from here. He will get better, right?

Former Boston Red Sox ace Curt Schilling says Yankee pitcher Javier Vazquez can't get it done in AL [NYDN]

Photo: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images, Elsa/Getty Images