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Jets and Giants to Play in Preseason Meadowlands Stadium Opener

The Jets and Giants will play in the first preseason football game at the new Meadowlands Stadium on August 16, which makes so much sense we're a little surprised it's happening. (After all, this is the same league that had the Jets close down a building called Giants Stadium, and then couldn't even conduct a coin toss in a satisfactory manner.) Instead of playing each other in the third preseason game like they normally do, the two teams will meet in the first week, with the Jets serving as the home team since the Giants hosted the annual tilt in 2009.

One the off chance you have any interest in the teams' other preseason games, the Giants will host the Steelers, visit the Ravens, and play at home against the Patriots, while the Jets will play at Carolina, host Washington, and visit Philly. Oh, and in other Meadowlands news, the FBI will not sift through the rubble of Giants Stadium in search of Jimmy Hoffa, which is probably good news in terms of how we choose to deploy our nation's FBI agents, but is still just a little disappointing.

Photo: Joevare’s Flickr