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soft openings

The New Meadowlands Stadium Opens With a Number of Hitches

Here's a short list of things that went wrong during Saturday's Meadowlands Stadium–opening lacrosse matches: The national anthem failed to play prior to one of the games because of a mix-up between the public-address announcer and the audio engineer; at least one parking attendant didn't know which parking lot was which; and Jets owner Woody Johnson stood waiting for an elevator that never came, before giving up and seeking out a service elevator. (Also, according to one Giants fan quoted by the Daily News, the stadium isn't Giants-y enough, though he probably should have known that going in.)

Of course, little issues like these are exactly why the stadium opened with a day of college lacrosse, as opposed to an NFL game or even a Bon Jovi concert. This way, they can work out all the kinks before the major events that will take place over the next couple of months. Right, Woody Johnson? "This building is still a couple of years away from really being completed," Johnson told the Daily News in a quote we're taking only slightly out of context. At least it'll be ready in time for its Super Bowl!

Meadowlands Stadium's soft opening flagged in false start as fans get first chance to see new venue [NYDN]

Photo: Peter Foley/Bloomberg via Getty Images