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nfl draft

Who Does Everybody Think the Jets Are Going to Draft?

The NFL Draft is only two-plus weeks away — it's a fortnight from tomorrow, with the first round in prime time, a new ESPN gimmick this year — which means the first mock drafts mock drafters put together are now about three years old. Theoretically speaking, the mock drafts should be more accurate now, this close, but someone will make a trade or end up testing positive for goofballs, and everything will be thrown into chaos again. But we thought we'd take a look at some of the major draftniks' guesses about who the Jets will take with the 29th overall pick. We'll do the same with the Giants tomorrow.

So, here goes, the comprehensive list — best we can find. We provide this without context because, seriously, no one really has any idea.

Jarrett Bell, USA Today: Jerry Hughes, defensive end, Texas Christian Jason Pierre-Paul, outside linebacker, South Florida
FF Toolbox: Golden Tate, wide receiver, Notre Dame
Football Expert: Golden Tate, wide receiver, Notre Dame
Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN: Taylor Mays, safety, USC
Pat Kirwan, Dez Bryant, wide receiver, Oklahoma State
Todd McShay, ESPN: Jared Odrick, defensive end, Penn State
Shutdown Corner, Yahoo! Sports: Mike Iupati, guard, Idaho
Walter Football: Golden Tate, wide receiver, Notre Dame

You can actually see a million of these right here. So, it's Golden Tate from Notre Dame if they go for a wide receiver, or Jerry Hughes from TCU if they go for defense. That's all settled, then; nothing to see here.

Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images