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super bowl xlviii

So We’ve Got the Super Bowl: Now What?

Have you heard? In just 44 short months, the Meadowlands is going to host the Super Bowl. Hooray! For most of us, this means that we can continue on with our lives, and then, roughly 43 months from now, start reading about all the parties we can't attend before watching the game on TV like we always do. But for the Jets and Giants, preparations must begin pretty much immediately.

By "preparations," of course, we mean fund-raising: They'll need to raise $40 million to put the thing on, and even then they'll be lucky to break even. (That's Giants' co-owner John Mara talking, by the way; apparently that $550 million the game will supposedly bring in for the region doesn't include much for the teams hosting it.) According to the Daily News, teams "typically seek private contributions and package tickets to the game with stadium suites."

But in case you're worried about the financial well-being of either team as they begin to stage this very expensive evening of football — and if you've shelled out for a PSL, here's guessing you're not — know that the mere announcement of the game is expected to jump-start the process of selling naming rights to the stadium, which could net them hundreds of millions of dollars.

Photo: Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images