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if he dies he dies

Team Prokhorov Handpicked Recent J-School Grad for One-on-one Interview


This is bizarre: It seems that Mikhail Prokhorov wanted to do an interview with a Brooklyn blogger during his current media blitz. So, to make it happen, Team Prokhorov sent a vague e-mail to a 28-year-old recent graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism — and we mean really recent: he graduated three days ago — saying that if he wanted to interview someone really important, he should call the phone number included in the e-mail. He called the number, and suddenly Vinnie Rotondaro — who'd published a few items on the Huffington Post, worked briefly for the Brooklyn Eagle, and collected five bylines on the Brooklyn Ink, a blog maintained by Columbia J-school students — had himself a sit-down with the man whose only other one-on-one this week was with Mike Francesa. You can read the interview — conducted over cups of tea at the Clover Club in Carroll Gardens — here. [Media Mob/NYO]