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The Mets Don’t Feel Like They’re in Last Place Today

A series win over the Yankees, particularly one that seemed to reveal some of the Bombers' inherent weaknesses, will make Mets fans feel warm and bubbly, more so than they probably should. (Nothing wrong with this: The season is long, and pleasures must be taken as they come.) Had Francisco Rodriguez blown that save in the ninth, there would have been much gnashing of teeth, but he didn't, so all is well. Other than the last-place thing.

A Subway Series has a tendency to be over analyzed, so let's just let Mets fans enjoy it and move on to more pressing issues. First off: It appears Jenrry Mejia is going to stay in the bullpen after all. This remains befuddling; as we wrote in our magazine column this week, Mejia might end up with a malpractice suit if his career doesn't work out. We do not understand what they are doing to the phenom, but we know that it is wrong.

Jason Bay is starting to hit the ball, and Jeff Francoeur has officially stopped: He was intentionally walked last night, and we're pretty sure all four pitches were check swings. Had the Mets been, say, swept by the Yankees, we'd be in full-on disaster mode, but for now? Jerry Manuel still has a job, the 20-year-old is being jerked around, and a sweep of the Phillies starting tomorrow would put them two games behind the Phillies. People say a season is long, but a lot changes fast. Come on, who's with us? Enjoy it. It'll be June soon.

Photo: Nick Laham/Getty Images