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week in review

The Week of Mikhail Prokhorov’s Media Blitz

The new Russian billionaire owner of the Nets took New York (and Secaucus) by storm this week: After landing just the third pick in the draft — and providing us with the amusing visual of him and little Irene Pollin standing side by side — he visited Mike Francesa for one of the more glorious interviews we've ever heard. (Incidentally, anyone interested in investing in a little stone-washed–jeans operation we're starting? We hear it's quite lucrative!) He's even doing his part to help recent J-school grads make a name for themselves. Really, the only person who isn't likely all that psyched for the Mikhail Prokhorov Era is Kiki Vandeweghe — though he won't be a part of it, anyway. But what happened this week that didn't involve "the element of surprise from Russia"?

With one dramatic exception, the Yankees had a pretty awful week. The Mets fared just slightly better. This weekend, they'll play each other.

After a bit of LeBron-to-New York backlash — but not from Isiah Thomas! — we learned the true reasons James will sign with the Knicks: Bill Walker and free tickets to see My Chemical Romance. Knicks fans see no reason to wait for July 1 to reserve their season tickets.

We argued that losing Jorge Posada for a month isn't really so bad.

And we kicked off our group-by-group World Cup preview.

That's it for us. We'll see you Monday.

Photo: YES Network