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Mayor Bloomberg Makes His Pitch to LeBron, Quotes Bible

New York, as in the magazine, has already made its pitch to LeBron James. Now, New York, as in the city, is making its pitch. It's called "C'mon LeBron," and the slogan on its website tells us that "Starting July 1, someone needs a new home. Let's show him where he belongs." Among the website features, there's a tool kit that includes downloadable avatars for social-networking sites and a note encouraging people to use the "#CmonLeBron" hashtag on Twitter. We're not sure it's caught on quite yet, though: See here, here and here.

And then there's the video message from Mayor Bloomberg — a video, by the way, that doesn't play favorites, referencing both Knicks and Nets history. Rather than describe it, we encourage you to just watch it below in all its stock-footage glory. All we'll say is be sure to stick around for the very end, which includes the following line of dialogue: "As the good book says, lead us to the promised land. And that's a quote from the King James version!"