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isiah is immortal

Mike D’Antoni Isn’t Too Concerned About This Isiah Business

At some point later today, the NBA is going to rule on whether or not Isiah Thomas should be allowed to work for both the New York Knicks and Florida International. (For what it's worth, Mike Krzyzewski says he thinks it's wrong.) Until that happens, though, we had been wondering: What does Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni have to say about this whole Isiah business? He's been quiet so far. No longer.

Frankly, D'Antoni finds the whole Isiah rehiring thing a wee bit silly, and his confidence does lead to some relief. Well, maybe confidence isn't the word: Let's just say that D'Antoni recognizes that if Isiah does come back to a position of power, it's only because the entire Knicks universe has collapsed. That is to say: D'Antoni's will have.

"Anything can happen," he said. "That means we don't do our job well and fail. We're not planning on doing that. We just think [Isiah] can add something as a consultant, but Donnie is in complete control."

What would Isiah add? Is it the much-vaunted recruiting that supposedly almost got LeBron James here and did get Amar'e Stoudemire here? D'Antoni was asked how much influence Isiah had with Amar'e.

"I think 99 million dollars helped."

Mike D'Antoni has every reason to be furious, or threatened, or irritated, by Isiah's reemergence. Instead, he's just sort of chuckling it off, halfheartedly swatting it away, as if Isiah is a gnat in his ear. It's probably for show. It's probably just to relax everyone. But it still helps. Every little bit helps.

Photo: Nick Laham/Getty Images