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So Which Giants Team Will Show Up Sunday?

The Giants were so totally outplayed by the Colts on Sunday that any thoughts that this team could truly contend disappeared for a few hours, until you remembered that it's just one game — one they probably wouldn't have won even with a solid effort. The defense was unprepared, and on the offensive side, we feared for Eli Manning's well being at times. At least he got a kiss from mom when it was all over.

It's only one loss, of course, and it came on the road, early in the season, against probably the best team they'll play all year. But the week that followed was pretty turbulent, too: Antrel Rolle had to apologize to Tom Coughlin for any number of comments, and Brandon Jacobs — who isn't happy with his role and isn't doing much to earn a bigger one — had to state that he hadn't requested a trade (though it's worth remembering that such a trade would be difficult to pull off mid-season anyway). At least they've largely flown under the radar. Here's a lesson, kids: If you're going to rip your team on the radio, do it the same week someone from your city's other football team gets arrested on DWI charges.

Two weeks into the season, and it's hard to get a read on this year's team. Their one loss came against a great team, but their one win came against a terrible one. Last year, a strong start against mostly weak opponents gave this team a false sense of confidence until that ugly loss to New Orleans. There will be no false sense of confidence this year. They've seen what can happen if they're overmatched. They don't want to see it — and certainly not to that extreme — again.

Photo: Andy Lyons/Getty Images