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The Nuggets Don’t Want What the Knicks Have

The Times reports today that, according to an unnamed Knicks official, the Nuggets have told the Knicks in preliminary conversations that they don't possess the assets to pull off a trade for Carmelo Anthony. Another source, meanwhile, tells the paper that the Bulls are out of the running because they won't part with Joakim Noah. Perhaps here is where we mention that Isiah Thomas predicted yesterday that Anthony would be traded to the Knicks or the Bulls.

So who's still in the mix (or at least, who's in the mix until all of this changes again three days from now)? Knicks fans may want to skip ahead: Houston is "aggressively pursuing" Anthony, according to the Times, offering a package that includes at least one of the picks they obtained from the Knicks in the Tracy McGrady deal. ESPN, meanwhile, reports that the Nets are the front-runner because of their willingness to trade Derrick Favors.

Of course, Anthony doesn't necessarily have to sign an extension with whichever team he's traded to (assuming he is, in fact, traded). And his reluctance to sign an extension could impact the offers that Denver receives: Indeed, Chris Broussard reports that the Nets would only make a trade if they were guaranteed Anthony would stick around. So perhaps Anthony's apparent desire to play for the Knicks means they're not out of the Carmelo Sweepstakes quite yet ... even if they'd have to wait until next summer for their shot.

Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images