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You’ll Be Able to Watch the Jets and Giants Openers on TV, by the Way

Welcome to life in the era of personal seat licenses: Both the Jets and Giants play their first regular-season games in their shiny new stadium this weekend — we're choosing to count next Monday as part of "this weekend" — yet hundreds of tickets remain unsold for both teams' openers. To be more specific, hundreds of tickets with pricey PSLs remain unsold — about 1,200 club seats for Sunday's Giants-Panthers game, and about 1,500 non-premium ones for Monday night's Jets-Ravens game.

Why does this matter, except to the relatively small number of fans willing to spend a lot of money on football tickets, but not a crazy amount of money on football tickets? Because if teams don't sell out their non-premium seating 72 hours before kickoff, their games can't be televised locally. Which means that the Giants are in the clear, but unless the Jets see a sales boost from Darrelle Revis's timely return, Woody Johnson would have to buy all the remaining tickets himself, for 34 cents on the dollar, per a loophole in the league's blackout policy. (The Post says this could mean writing a check for $100,000 or more for each home game, based on the number of currently available tickets.) The bright side, we guess? Those tickets can then be donated to charity or to the military, as the Jaguars — who have some practice with this sort of thing — have done in the past.

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Photo: Babyknight’s flickr