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Needless to Say, James Wisniewski Isn’t Telling Sean Avery to Blow a Lead

Not that the Rangers didn't, in fact, blow a lead in today's 6-4 loss at the Coliseum, thanks to two late penalties that led to two Islander power-play goals. But video of the Islanders' comeback (or of the four Rangers' goals that got them the lead in the first place) are not what's making the rounds on the Internet right now.

This delightful gesture, courtesy of the Islanders' James Wisniewski, and directed at — who else? — Sean Avery, is:

Commissioner Gary Bettman said he didn't see it, but that the league's hockey-operations folks would look into the matter. Said Sean Avery, perfectly: "They (the NHL) won't do anything. Imagine if I did that? They'd send me to rehab."