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The Jets Pantsed the Bills Yesterday, Literally and Figuratively

How badly did the Jets beat up on the Bills yesterday? At one point, Shaun Ellis pantsed Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. As in sacked him, and pulled his pants down in the process. (Incidentally, Ellis actually sprained his knee on the play, but reportedly should be fine.) Then, of course, there were the figurative pantsings: The Jets' 444 yards of offense, for instance, or their 40 minutes and 29 seconds of ball possession. The Jets won 38–14, and they should have won 38–14, if not even bigger. Buffalo, after all, may very well be the worst team in the league, or as Buffalo News columnist Jerry Sullivan called them, "donkeys running with thoroughbreds."

LaDainian Tomlinson rushed for more than 100 yards for the first time in nearly two years in the victory, and Shonn Greene cracked the 100-yard barrier for the first time this season. (If you couldn't tell, Buffalo's run defense is last in the NFL, by total yards allowed, at least.) Mark Sanchez, meanwhile, remained steady, throwing for two touchdowns, and, for the fourth time in four games, no interceptions. The second of those touchdowns was particularly easy: Less than two minutes after Dustin Keller caught a pass from Brad Smith out of the Seminole formation, Sanchez connected with Keller on a play in which he somehow had three wide-open targets in the end zone.

They won't all be this easy, sadly, though it's comforting that the Bills visit the Meadowlands in Week 17, just in case anything's on the line. In the meantime, next week brings another nationally televised prime-time game: Monday night, on ESPN, against Brett Favre and his Vikings.

Photo: Rick Stewart/Getty Images