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And Thus Ends the Story of the Boy Tackled in Cleveland for Wearing a Jets Jersey

The boy's injured ankle.

So an 8-year-old boy and his dad attended last Sunday's Jets-Browns game in Cleveland, and after the game, an adult Browns fan allegedly tackled the boy in the parking lot because he was wearing a Jets jersey, leaving him with scrapes and bruises. The boy's mom wrote a letter to the editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the story got picked up by a local television station, and then lots more media outlets took notice, as well. It became a big enough deal that the Jets offered to fly the boy and his family to watch a Jets game from a suite at New Meadowlands Stadium. So what happened next? They accepted the offer, right? And will fly to New York for fifteen minutes of fame, and perhaps an interview with Matt Lauer about when fandom goes too far? Wrong. The boy's mom says that while the family appreciates the Jets' gesture, they've declined the offer, are "done with the story," and simply want the parking lot in question to be safer. We can all be done with the story, now, too.