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How Did Eli Manning, Matt Dodge, and Others Respond to Sunday’s Giants Collapse?

Which member of the Giants delivered a speech to his teammates the day after the team's epic collapse against the Eagles? Who spent a couple hours sitting in a room with the lights out? Who spent Sunday evening surrounded by family members and his pastor? The responses of some Giants — and a couple of other folks — after the jump.

Eli Manning: Addressed his teammates yesterday, something none of the Giants can recall him ever doing alone before. He didn't reveal what he said, but Justin Tuck said he received "a couple of cheers from the entire group because it was kind of out of his character."

Tom Coughlin: Sat in a room with the lights out for two and a half hours.

Antrel Rolle: Confident as ever, guaranteed a playoff berth.

Matt Dodge, punter: Though he didn't want to at first, celebrated Christmas with loved ones. In his own words: "I had family here, loving on me, and I actually had my pastor from back home here last night. So it was good. I had a lot of support."

Matt Dodge, reporter for the Portland Daily Sun: Spent the day reading tweets from angry Giants fans who'd directed them at the wrong Matt Dodge.

This Eagles fan (via Bill Simmons):

Photo: Nick Laham/Getty Images (Manning); Al Bello/Getty Images (Dodge)