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But, You’re Wondering, What Does a Guy in an Edgar Allan Poe Costume Think About the Knicks’ Recent Play?

That would be an especially strange headline if it wasn't followed by video of a guy in an Edgar Allan Poe costume discussing the Knicks' recent play. So, you can find that after the jump. It's the second such video of "Poe" breaking down this year's Knickerbockers, this one focusing on Friday night's loss at the Garden to LeBron and the Heat. ("Away, away, did the Heat pull / Midway through the fourth, fans had their full.")

Sadly, there's nothing about Saturday's loss in Cleveland, the Knicks' third straight defeat, so let's give this a shot:

With Amar'e unsure about Canuck friend Steve / The Knicks fell seven short in the Cleve.

Sorry, that was terrible. We'll leave this to the real fake Poe going forward.

Video: Edgar Allan Poe recaps Knicks-Heat [Posting and Toasting]