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Pro Athletes: They’re Snowbound Just Like We Are!

As you wearily await a connecting flight or dig your car out of a snowbank, know this: New York's athletes feel your pain. Well, maybe Eli Manning and Amar'e Stoudemire aren't swingin' shovels right now, but they are at odds with the weather. The Knicks need to get from New York to the decidedly less frosty Miami before Tuesday, and according to the Times's Howard Beck, it's going to require wings, wheels, and rails to get there:

After blizzard, it will take planes, trains and automobiles to make Knicks-Heat on Tues. Amtrak to DC, then flight to MIA (via Tampa). Oy.

Oy, indeed. As the Knicks choreograph a departure, the football Giants and Jets just want to come home, please. The Jets are hoping to get out of Chicago by tonight and can at least take solace in the fact that they're playoff-bound. The Giants, meanwhile, are stranded in Wisconsin, marinating in the knowledge that their playoff hopes are slipping away. It sounds, as Kevin Boss put it, pretty "depressing," and that's not even accounting for the fact that they'll return to find their practice facility crawling with college basketball players. Madison Square Garden, by the way, is dug out and ready for tonight's Rangers-Islanders showdown. Spill out some hot cocoa for your local beat writers too, since they're strewn and grounded with their respective teams. So, as you heft that snowblower or careen down your driveway, know that your favorite athletes are there with you. More or less.

Photo: Chris Hondros/Getty Images