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a grown man watching his video game play itself

Our PlayStation 3 Sees More Doom for Jets in Foxboro

Tommy from Quinzee.

As always, we ran through this week's NFL divisional round of the playoffs through Madden 11 on our PlayStation 3. And, as always, our PlayStation 3 told us the Jets are going to lose. Over the last two years, the Jets are now 0–5 in our PlayStation 3 simulations, thanks to a tough 31–24 virtual loss to the Patriots. Tom Brady was the stud, of course, going 25-for-40 for 335 yards and three touchdowns. It was another interception fest for Mark Sanchez, who must have done something wrong to our PlayStation 3 in the Tron grid once in his life; he threw four more, offsetting LaDainian Tomlinson's 106 yards rushing. At this point, we're not sure the virtual Jets could beat virtual Fordham. Anyway, the other games this weekend, simulated: Green Bay Packers 37, Atlanta Falcons 26; Seattle Seahawks 31, Chicago Bears 7; and Baltimore Ravens 21, Pittsburgh Steelers 14. Last week, our PS3 was 1–3. It's like you can't trust anyone anymore.

Photo: Will Leitch, off his television