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a grown man watching his video game play itself

Our PS3 Has the Craziest Jets-Colts Prediction

Looking good, Rex.

As always, we ran playoff "simulations" of all the wild-card playoff games this upcoming weekend, and we will say this: If the Jets-Colts game turns out the way our PlayStation3 thinks it will, they will either put video of the game in the Smithsonian, or bury it. Your final score: Indianapolis 52, NY Jets 48. The end of the fourth quarter actually produced six touchdowns, the last of which was a 71-yard touchdown from Peyton Manning to Pierre Garcon with less than a minute left. Check out Mark Sanchez's line: 16-of-27, 432 yards, six touchdowns, five interceptions. Apparently the week of Mark Brunell turned him into Jeff George. We swear, we didn't have our PS3 on some strange setting: The other games — Saints 26, Seahawks 14; Eagles 30, Packers 13; Ravens 34, Chiefs 13 — had normalish scores. Anyway: There is no way the game will turn out like this, but man, it would be awesome if it would. (Note: Our PS3 famously dislikes the Jets.)

Photo: Will Leitch, off his television.