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2011 nfl playoffs

Rex Ryan on the Colts: ‘I Want to Put the Shoe on the Other Foot’

Oh, Rex. One day you'll be able to let slip a reference to feet and/or shoes without it landing on the front (and back) pages of a tabloid, but that day isn't today. Just to put the quote in context, Ryan yesterday had been talking about how Peyton Manning has burned his teams in six previous games, to the tune of 1,513 yards, twelve touchdowns, and a 5–1 record (with that loss coming last year in the game finished by Curtis Painter). He's beaten Ryan twice in the playoffs: Once in 2006 when Rex was the defensive coordinator for the Ravens, and, of course, last year in the AFC Championship game. So Ryan, understandably, wants to change all that. Here's the complete quote, context and all: "It kills you. You fight so hard to get into the playoffs, and when you lose, it's devastating. I want to put the shoe on the other foot, and I know our team does too. I want (Indianapolis) to experience it this time."

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Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images