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Tom Coughlin Tells His Critics Where They Can Kiss Him

Showtime's Inside the NFL cameras caught Tom Coughlin's locker-room speech following Sunday's win in Washington, when he told his team — one that had just missed the playoffs thanks to the Packers' win over the Bears — that they'd done their part by beating the Redskins and reminded them that they'd finished with a respectable 10–6 record. Then he turned his attention to his critics: "Hey, from the bottom of my heart and everybody's, we have a 10–6 season. A ten-win season in the NFL, okay? They can kiss my ass, okay? They can line up and kiss my ass. It's not an easy thing to do." Added Coughlin, when asked by a player if they could quote him on that: "You can quote me on a lot more than that. The priest is here or I'd say a few more things." See the clip, after the jump.

Coughlin to critics: 'Kiss my a**!' [Blue Screen/NYDN]