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Mayor Bloomberg Isn’t Buying a Piece of the Mets

Mike Bloomberg isn't considered an especially big baseball fan (particularly compared to his predecessor), but he does have enough money to buy a stake in a ballclub just for the hell of it. So it's little surprise that he was asked yesterday whether he was interested in buying a piece of the Mets. His answer, delivered with a smile: "I don't think I should own a baseball team." (C'mon, Mike, since when has that logic ever stopped anyone from buying a sports franchise?!) Also not buying a stake in the Mets: Jerry Seinfeld, who told The Wall Street Journal he's not interested. (Instead, he'll just continue watching games from his luxury suite — you know, when Lady Gaga isn't using it.)

In other Mets news, Mario Cuomo has been tapped to mediate the lawsuit brought against the team's owners by Irving Picard, the trustee for the victims of Bernie Madoff. Moody's changed its outlook on $695 million in bonds that financed Citi Field from stable to negative. And Johan Santana's rehab is reportedly going well. Hey, that last one has something to do with baseball!

Photo: Stephen Chernin/Getty Images