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The A.L. East Team That Won the Off-Season May Not Be the One You Think It Is

The Red Sox had perhaps the splashiest off-season of any team in baseball, adding Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford through trade and free agency, respectively, in the span of a week. But one analysis finds that while the off-season's winner does indeed come from the A.L. East, it's not the Red Sox, but the Baltimore Orioles. The Wall Street Journal looked at the WAR of each player a team added and lost to determine the team's net WAR. And by adding Derek Lee, J.J. Hardy, Mark Reynolds, and Vladimir Guerrero, and losing only Kevin Millwood, the O's finished at the top of the league with a net WAR of 9.0. By comparison, the Red Sox (who also lost Adrian Beltre and Victor Martinez) were eighth in the league with a net WAR of 1.8, the Yankees were 26th at -6.4, and the Rays dead last at -10.6. In the N.L. East, the Phillies (who added Cliff Lee but lost Jayson Werth) finished in the middle of the pack (sixteenth, to be exact) with a net WAR of -0.8. And the Mets, who made only minor moves this winter, ranked twelfth with a net WAR of 0.4. It's not much, but (excuse the expression) it does make the Mets net-winners.

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Photo: Mark Cunningham/Getty Images