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The Knicks Continue to Go Viral

The Knicks have already fulfilled their quota of YouTube magic this month with Landry Fields's well-documented turn as a bespectacled Modell's employee. The following video doesn't have quite as brilliant a premise, but it's charming nonetheless.

Just as a refresher, here's a quick rundown of the cast of characters: Landry Fields is the New York second-round pick that has taken the NBA (and the Internet) by storm in his rookie season. Andy Rautins is another Knick rookie, a Syracuse product, and a proud Canadian. Sandwiched between the two is Keenan Cahill, the pint-size performer whose lip-syncing prowess has made him something of an Internet celebrity. In the background, you'll see the Knicks City Dancers, who are, of course, a team of talented dancing ladies who hail from the city of Knicks, New York. The song is "Go NY Go", a Knicks pump-up jam first recorded for the 1994 season and reinvented by Q-Tip for the decidedly less pump-up-worthy 2009 campaign. The version used here is the more favorable '94 cut (which, by the way, bears a striking similarity to Vanilla Ice's "Ninja Rap". None of the Ninja Turtles could be reached for comment).

Got all that? Good. Go ahead and watch.