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mr. 3000

So When Will Derek Jeter Get His 3,000th Hit?

Once a week until Derek Jeter gets his 3,000th hit, we'll take a quick and dirty look at which game we anticipate he'll get it in, based on his 2011 numbers to that point. Obviously, buy tickets (or fly to some random city) at your own risk, especially since a lot can change in the coming weeks: Jeter could get hotter or colder, games could be rained out, he could get more frequent days off, or be dropped in the batting order, or get hurt, or whatever. But just for fun ...

• Jeter has 26 hits through the Yankees' first 27 games this year, or .96 hits per team game.
• Jeter has 2,952 career hits, and needs 48 more to get to 3,000.
• At this rate, it'll take 50 team games to get there.
• And so at this rate, he'll get to 3,000 on June 28, at Yankee Stadium, versus the Brewers. Interleague!

Photo: Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images